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Nika’s music is a mix of instrumental pieces resting on a base of alternative rock with Japanese, Roma and even classical influences.Discover the first opus of the “Hotaru no michi e” project, “Moonlight Carnival” now on sale.

“Kioku”, a name taken from the Japanese language and that means “Memories”. An album painted on the soundscape of Nika’s deep classical roots. A tribute to the classics of her childhood brought to you in a unique, different and passionate way.

On her latest project, inspired by the Mussorgsky – Ravel, ”Pictures From An Exhibition” concept, Nika is collaborating with talented painters such as Maya Sunn, Ryota Aoki and Tania Mignacca. Inspired from her music, and the different scenes and emotions portrayed in her fairytale world, their paintings depicts the symbolism, reveries, and poetry found into her work.

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