Meet Nika Cantabile, the fantasy art-rock violinist and writer, who will enter and paint the world with sounds and dreams...

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"Welcome to the fairytale
And meet Nika Cantabile
The fantasy art-rock violinist and writer
That combines both arts"

Piece : Misty Falls (from previously released Moonlight Carnival EP)

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“Cantabile creates a unique soundscape for listeners to venture through as she performs her violin in such a stellar way. Augmented with a backdrop of rock, classical and Japanese-influenced performance, Moonlight Carnival is simply a delight.”Rob Watts, Ocean View Press

“Nika Cantabile will give you intense moments with a single voice, music in its purest essence…”Mark Allender, Bowed Radio

“I listened and just been knocked out. Misty Falls is one smash hit. Keep creating great music”Nikki Matsumoto, Myspace


Nika Cantabile is an art-rock violinist and writer who takes her love of both music and literacy and intertwines them into one unique sound that has elements of Japanese, Roma and Celtic music with her own twist. Inspired by everyone from Tori Amos, Japanese guitarist AKIHIDE, Tolkien and Anne Rice, Nika has always had a way with creating stories around her music. An artist with a love of fantasy, she takes listeners to her make-believe lands when she plays, giving them a much needed holiday from reality. She has been doing that since 2008 when she dropped her classical debut, “Kioku”. Come 2017, she'll continue as she releases “Hotaru's Road” on August 7th. With the album release comes a cascade of events including a performance at the North American premiere of "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" a Takashi Miike's movie on Fantasia International Film Festival opening night, and an appearance at Otakuthon, an anime convention in Montreal.

* Nika as a Yamaha Canada representative, is performing on the Yamaha five strings electric YEV105 and SV255 models .

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